Scholarship Application

The following information is required for any member requesting In-Service Training Funding. Forms are to be completed and submitted to the Vice President no later than 45 days prior to the training. Please complete the electronic form below and click submit. For a faster response, online applications are preferred.

To print the application, please download the PDF version and mail to:

B&T Training Committee
P.O. Box 218
South Park, PA 15129

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Overnight accommodations (if needed) - recommended hotels/motels
(include daily rate, with tax, for each hotel/motel):
Please include any publications, notices and registration forms for this seminar with your application.
Note: Limited one file per application. If you have more than one file, please submit a ZIP file.

Please provide an explanation of how the requested training is related to your current duties.
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* I AM NOT RECEIVING AND DO NOT HAVE AVAILABLE ANY OTHER FUNDING SOURCES TO ATTEND THIS TRAINING SEMINAR. I have been granted the time off to attend or will be attending on my own time. I agree to repay the Borough and Township Police Association any expenses incurred should I fail to attend or complete this training and fail to cancel any reservations or registrations within the time period prescribed by the vendor.

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